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A Vision for your business

The Orama Way

Órama has a vision of how businesses should grow in the 21 st century, and shares the belief that people, entrepreneurs and corporations are the tools the world needs to build true sustainability. We are working to build a free-trade continent that can regain its influence within global markets, and provide its entrepreneurs, companies and investors with the opportunities to thrive and shape a prosperous future. At the core of this vision is Mauritius, Africa’s financial hub and friendliest business destination. By offering you a new, efficient and modern one-stop-shop for management services in Mauritius, Órama helps you build and grow your business so it becomes a new African success story.



Mauritius is Africa’s most competitive and friendliest business destination both for local and international companies and investors. The country ranks in the top 15 globally in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Ranking, and first in Africa. Mauritius is one of the only African jurisdiction that is globally competitive in terms of banking regulations and fiscal regimes, attracting entrepreneurs, investors and high-net worth individuals seeking to make their operations more efficient in Africa and globally.



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