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The African Energy Week (AEW) 2021 took place at the V&A Waterfront Cape Town, South Africa between the 9th and 12th of November. The conference united global and African energy stakeholders to drive industry growth, to promote Africa’s economic potential and to discuss the initiative- ‘Making Energy Poverty History by 2030’. As a sponsor of the event, Órama Corporate Services held a stand in the Main Exhibition Marquee opening its doors to various stakeholders and high net worth individuals.

Led by our Chief Executive Officer Keseena Chengadu, Órama showcased its corporate management services as well as its dynamic team both at our stand and at the event generally. To this effect, Keseena introduced Órama following a panel discussion about mergers and acquisitions by sharing insight into Órama and its place in business. Additionally, Keseena was interviewed about the birth of Órama by Energy Capital and Power (ECP).

Órama took this opportunity to promote the benefits brought about by the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA), emphasizing the boost in investments that Africa will experience as a result of an increased African market and the potential opportunities that businesses can take advantage of in terms of cross-border transactions, mergers and acquisitions as well as the use of off-shore structures. Órama took this time to advise companies and various entities on the use of offshore and onshore structures, the structuring of their international business activities and outsourcing cost reduction targets.

Through its partners and affiliates, Órama has a notable international presence in Africa and Europe. Thus, Órama is well-positioned to offer comprehensive corporate management services to expand business operations and make Africa an economic powerhouse with Mauritius as its frontrunner.

AEW 2021 provided a great platform for service providers such as Órama to network with prominent African stakeholders in the energy sector and to learn from them. Through these networking sessions Órama established solid business relationships with clients that are interested in utilising Órama as their go-to service provider and expanding their horizons in Mauritius. The Órama team is proud to have been part of such a prestigious event and looks forward to AEW 2022.

Chido Pamela Mafongoya
Corporate Legal Advisor