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A Vision for Africa

Orama has a unique vision for Africa and shares the belief that the continent’s people and resources are what will make it the powerhouse of the 21st century. We are working to build a free-trade continent that can regain its influence within global markets, and provide its entrepreneurs, companies and investors with the opportunities to thrive and shape a prosperous future. At the core of this vision is Mauritius, Africa’s financial hub and friendliest business destination. By offering you a new, efficient and modern one-stop-shop for management services in Mauritius, Orama helps you build and grow your business so it becomes a new African success story.

Our Purpose

The primary aim of Orama is to establish a business based on good governance to ensure business development and growth across business verticals, and to the Mauritian economy.

Our Philosophy

Orama comes from the Greek word “Horama”, which means vision. Orama is about the vision of their founders for Africa, and their belief in the reputation of Mauritius as an internationally respected and reliable financial center. Together, they bring a set of values and experience to assist African businesses and global companies shape the 21st century.

At its core, Orama believes in an honorable conduct to deliver quality services and ensure the growth of its clients’ businesses. The company believes in building sustainable growth models and understands that the foundations for such growth are based on ethics, operational efficiency, risk management and compliance. Orama conducts a strict Customer Due Diligence (CDD) on all its clients and partner companies to ensure their business abides by and operates under the laws of Mauritius.

Meet the Team

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Mr. Ahmad Yearoo
Ahmad is Director of the Aarmando Group, a Mauritian chartered certified accounting firm and holds a significant professional track record in taxation and accounting. With more than 10 years of experience in the accounting and Finance field, he has successfully brought remarkable solutions to several tax assessments and objections for his various clients. He notably held high ranks in the taxation departments of Big 4 firms such as Deloitte and Grant Thorton.
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Mr. Sabir Maudarbuccus
Sabir is Director of Orion Secretarial Services, one of Mauritius’ leading chartered secretarial companies. He is very well up-to-date with all accounting and auditing standards and all governing law in Mauritius. Furthermore this young expert is about to become an ACCA chartered certified accountant, following the building of over 13 years of experience in accounting, auditing and taxation.
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Mr. Ajmal A. Torabally
Ajmal is the founder and CEO of Unicount Corporate Services, one of Mauritius’ finest accounting and advisory firm. He has a demonstrated leadership ability and over 10 years of experience in accounting and advisory services, both locally and internationally. He is very precise in the bookkeeping systems, tax advice and planning and his knowledge in this particular field has given him the opportunity to work on various real estate projects.
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Miss Keseena Chengadu
Keseena is Orama’s backbone and brings an extensive experience in the legal industry across Anglophone and francophone Africa. She has notably built a strong reputation in the fields of contract negotiations for oil and gas exploration and has successfully advises on leading matters and transactions for Baker Hughes, Merrill Lynch, Schlumberger, Maersk and DHL. She currently serves as Executive Director for Centurion Law Group Mauritius.