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Benefits of a Global Business Company?  

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What is a Global Business Company? 

Having trouble navigating your business operations to maximize efficiently while expanding your global reach sounds like a nightmare? A Mauritius Global Business Company (“GBC”) is just what you need. A Global Business Company (“GBC”) is a popular tax resident entity in Mauritius and is incorporated to carry out global business activities or financial services activities. It can be structured as an investment holding, trading company, Collective Investment Scheme, Global Fund, Protected Cell Company, or Limited Partnership. GBCs are often used by foreign companies and investors as a platform for expanding their global operations and benefiting from Mauritius’ favourable tax treaties with various countries. It is a type of vehicle useful for non- residents of Mauritius who seek to benefit from all the advantages that Mauritius as an Independent Financial Centre offer businesses. Note that one does not need to be physically present in Mauritius to have a GBC incorporated. 

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Say goodbye to excessive delays in international bank transfers, double and complicated taxes, energy deficits, foreign exchange controls and unpredictable government policies. Benefit from accessing Internationally recognised banks with great banking infrastructure and facilities. Tap into the favourable world class investor protection scheme and excellent double taxation avoidance treaties that serves as a springboard for easy expansion into new territories. 

We provide offshore investment solutions, empowering you to regain confidence in your business and retain more of your hard-earned income. Invest through Mauritius and take advantage of the country’s favourable tax and friendly regulatory environment. Gain access to 70% of the world’s preferential markets through its several multilateral treaties.  

Benefits of a Global Business Company? 

Discover the Advantages of a Mauritius Global Business Company (GBC) 

Elevate your investment endeavours by becoming a part of an exclusive cohort of contemporary investors reaping the rewards of the Mauritius Global Business Company (GBC). Connect with us instantly on WhatsApp at +230 52529008 to embark on this transformative journey. 

Why Choose a Mauritius Global Business Company? 

  • Strategic Global Presence: Position your business on the international stage with a Mauritius GBC. Leverage our jurisdiction’s globally recognized reputation to enhance your brand’s credibility and access new markets effortlessly. 
  • Tax Efficiency Redefined: Experience unparalleled tax advantages. Benefit from Mauritius’ competitive tax framework, including an extensive network of Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAAs), ensuring minimized tax liabilities and optimized profit margins.Mauritius offers a competitive tax rate from From 3% upto 15% max. Authorised companies (AC) offers 0% tax in Mauritius  but they could be taxable elsewhere. 
  • Ease of Setup: Navigating complex bureaucratic procedures becomes a thing of the past. Establishing your GBC in Mauritius is streamlined and efficient, allowing you to focus on your business strategies right from the outset. 
  •  Confidentiality Assured: Rest easy knowing your sensitive business information is safeguarded. Mauritius’ legal framework upholds strict confidentiality provisions, ensuring your privacy and maintaining your competitive edge. 
  •  Access to Global Talent: Tap into a diverse pool of skilled bilingual (English and French)  professionals from Mauritius where the literacy rate is 93%. A Mauritius GBC provides access to a global workforce, fostering innovation and driving business growth. 
  • Flexible Regulatory Environment: Navigate your business with ease through Mauritius’ flexible regulatory environment. Experience a supportive ecosystem that encourages business agility and adaptability. 
  • Repatriation of Profits and Capital: Enjoy hassle-free repatriation of your company’s profits and capital. Mauritius’ investor-friendly policies facilitate seamless movement of funds, providing you with financial flexibility.), no capital gains tax. no withholding tax on dividends, interest and royalties paid, no exchange control on repatriation of profit, capital, or interest and no estate duty or inheritance tax. 
  • Enhanced Credibility: Associate your business with a reputable international jurisdiction. A Mauritius GBC showcases your commitment to quality and compliance, enhancing your business’s reputation. 
  • Preferential access to 70% of the world market: including Africa and Asia 
  •  World Class Banking Facilities: gain access to Internationally recognised banks, great banking infrastructure & facilities to support your business. 
  • Your springboard to global expansion: benefit from the double tax treaties to easily spread across globally. 
  • Enjoy an excellent Investor protection scheme: Mauritius offers an excellent world class investor protection scheme. 

Common uses of the GBC 

• To structure investments & projects in countries with Mauritius Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA )partners. 

• Holding rights to intellectual property such industrial designs, copyrights, trademarks, and patents. 

• Trading, consultancy services, collective investment schemes, Close ended Funds and Protected Cell Company (PCC.) 

• Regional headquartering, financing, and marketing center. 

• Buying property for business / residential purposes in Mauritius under IRS/RES/PDS/SMART city schemes. 

Embark on Your GBC Journey Today! 

Join the league of forward-looking investors who are harnessing the power of a Mauritius Global Business Company. Connect with us now on WhatsApp at +230 52529008 to take the first step towards a future brimming with possibilities. Your success knows no bounds with a Mauritius GBC. Call us now on +23052529008 & +230 460 9312 or email us on or 

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