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Women play a very critical and important role in this world.  Far from the general conception by many associating women to be just child bearers, women are the centre pillar in our ecosystem, bringing forth life to ensure the continuation of our species and the smooth running and transition of society, organisations and the economy as a whole.

Over the last decade of working in the corporate world, I have witnessed the huge impact and advantages that international corporations and other multinational companies and conglomerates benefit by just using Mauritius as an ideal jurisdiction to springboard or expand their growth and operations from Europe to Africa and vice versa.

A myriad of Management Companies in Mauritius can attest to the long winding road and unwieldy process it takes to obtain an operating license from the Financial Services Commission (FSC). Órama’s journey in obtaining a license to operate as a Management Company (MC) in Mauritius was certainly not an exception, and even more chequered as...