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Accountancy, Tax and Legal Advisory

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Accounting, Tax and Legal Advisory

Our Mauritian team boasts decades of experience in accounting and legal compliance and advisory, operating under strict transparency and ethics guidelines. 

Working with you, we identify regulatory risks and offer you successful guidance on interpreting and complying with laws and regulations that affect your business. Through stringent due diligence and risk assessment procedures, we ensure that your business and interests are protected from any regulatory risks. Having experience across several regulatory matters, our legal team is able to successfully guide you across the sphere of employment, intellectual property, taxation, commercial, trusts and inheritance laws among others. 

Founded by chartered and certified accountants, Órama offers the best-in-class accounting services for individuals and companies operating out of Mauritius. Our accounting team has direct and positive results on improving your business performance and can provide all accounting services you need, from bookkeeping and annual accounts provisions to complex accounting and reporting.

“Handling your accounting and fiscal matters is Órama’s forte. We pride ourselves in having the most experienced and knowledgeable chartered accountants available in Mauritius, and are able to help you successfully navigate changing rules and requirements to make a meaningful impact on your business,”

Strayson Vermeulen