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Divya Bharati Bhurtun

International Business Development Executive

Divya is a highly accomplished professional with a remarkable background in identifying and seizing new business opportunities. Her expertise extends across diverse market landscapes, making her a vital asset to Órama’s mission. She brings a profound understanding of not only the global business arena but also a deep knowledge of the African market, with a focus on Anglophone and Francophone regions.

Throughout her career, Divya has been instrumental in exploring uncharted markets and comprehending emerging trends. Her ability to forge and nurture customer relationships is unparalleled, and she excels at establishing strategic partnerships that drive business growth.

Strategic thinking is at the heart of Divya’s capabilities. She possesses a unique acumen for envisioning the bigger picture and formulating strategic aims and objectives that propel our organization to new heights. Divya’s proficiency extends to meticulously planning and executing operational changes that seamlessly align with our overarching business goals.

Divya’s profound understanding of our products and services allows her to craft client contracts that guarantee mutual success. Her seasoned administrative skills shine through in various aspects, from client onboarding and due diligence processes to preliminary compliance verification and the intricate procedures involved in bank account opening.

Her extensive knowledge of regulatory bodies and procedures ensures that our operations remain compliant and efficient in a dynamic business environment.

At Órama, Divya is a driving force behind our expansion efforts, playing a pivotal role in ensuring that our brand is visible and our services remain responsive to the ever-evolving African market. Her ability to anticipate market dynamics and respond proactively to customer needs positions her as a key player in our journey towards excellence.