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Nitish Caullychurn

Head of Operations

Nitish is a seasoned professional in the financial services sector with over 14 years of experience. He has held various roles throughout his career, showcasing his versatility and expertise in different areas. Nitish began his career in the Research field, gaining valuable insights into financial markets and analysis. 

Afterward, Nitish transitioned to the Global Business sector, where he broadened his scope of expertise. He has extensive knowledge of managing Operations, Administration, and Compliance departments within Management companies and Global Business entities. This experience highlights his ability to handle critical aspects of these organizations, ensuring efficient operations, robust administrative processes, and adherence to regulatory requirements. 

Nitish’s educational background includes a Masters in Financial Economics from the University of Mauritius, which has equipped him with a strong foundation in economic principles and their application within the financial sector. Additionally, he holds a certificate in Fintech from the National University of Singapore, showcasing his awareness of the evolving technological landscape and its impact on financial services. 

With his comprehensive experience, educational qualifications, and commitment to excellence, Nitish brings valuable expertise to the financial services sector. His proficiency in managing operations, administration, and compliance ensures that organizations can navigate regulatory frameworks, optimize their processes, and drive sustainable growth.