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Keseena Chengadu

Chief Executive Officer

Keseena is a highly experienced professional in the legal industry with a focus on Anglophone and Francophone Africa. She serves as the backbone of Órama, leveraging her extensive expertise in various aspects of law and business. Her experience encompasses working with high-net-worth individuals, multinational corporations, and governmental entities.

Throughout her career, Keseena has undertaken a wide range of assignments, both local and international in nature. She provides corporate advice to her clients, assisting them in navigating complex legal and regulatory frameworks. Her expertise extends to business and investment structuring, where she helps clients optimize their investments and ensure compliance with relevant laws.

Keseena is also well-versed in company formation and administration, capable of guiding clients through the process of establishing and managing domestic and global companies. She has extensive knowledge of corporate trusteeship, offering her insights and guidance in matters related to fiduciary responsibilities and governance.

Furthermore, Keseena possesses skills in asset management, allowing her to assist clients in effectively managing their assets and maximizing their value. She is also proficient in business valuations, providing clients with accurate assessments of their businesses’ worth.

With her diverse skill set and wealth of experience, Keseena brings invaluable support to Órama and its clients, offering comprehensive legal guidance and strategic advice for businesses operating in the African market.