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12 Jun
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Enhancing Payment Efficiency: How CEMAC Countries Can Benefit from Órama Services
Category: News
The Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC) countries face challenges when it comes to making and receiving payments. These challenges often arise due to the comple...
30 May
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Embracing Growth and Cultivating Success: Reflecting on the Journey of Our Employees
Category: News
At Órama we believe in fostering an environment that values personal growth, professional development, and the contributions of our employees. Today, we reflect on the experiences ...
29 May
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Why a Trust is more appealing than a Will.
Category: News
A will and a trust are both legal instruments that can be used for estate planning, but they serve different purposes and offer different advantages. While both can be useful, ther...
18 May
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Strengthening Economic Cooperation: Leveraging the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement between Mauritius and South Africa
Category: News
South Africa and Mauritius have enjoyed a very special relationship for a very long time despite both African countries having a unique economic profile. It is important to note th...
15 May
Órama Corporate Services Embarks on New Growth Journey: Announces Operations in South Africa’s Bustling Sandton Area
Category: News
Exciting news as the board of Órama Corporate Services, your Pan African management company headquartered in Mauritius, is proud to announce the official launch of our new office a...
08 May
Article MIKE
The Real Benefits of the Iconic Mauritius Global Business Company to African Businesses
Category: News
Mauritius has become the go-to location for businesses in Africa looking to establish their presence in the global market.
04 May
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A Comparison between a Trust and a Will – The Advantages of a Mauritius Trust to Businesses and Individuals in Africa
Category: News
Trusts and Wills are two instruments that are commonly used for estate planning. Both of these tools have their unique set of advantages and disadvantages, and it is essential to u...
27 Apr
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How businesses in the energy sector in Namibia can utilise Mauritius as an opportunity to attract investors and grow their business
Category: News
Namibia is a developing country with a population of over 2 million people. Located in Southern Africa, it is rich in natural resources, especially in the energy sector. The energy...
21 Apr
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Mauritius offers a world class protection for Investors
Category: News
Mauritius has successfully established a name for itself as a hub for foreign investment. The country has taken several steps to attract foreign investors, including the establishm...
18 Apr
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Top 5 reasons to invest in Mauritius.
Category: News
“An attractive and thriving place for business with an incomparable art de vivre, Mauritius is the perfect home to the citizen of the world. The island is often referred internatio...