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Angola Oil and Gas 2022

Angola Oil and Gas 2022

Posted by: Órama Corporate Services
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As the Angola Oil and Gas 2022 event is committed to securing new investment in Angola’s energy sector and the wider regional energy landscape at large.

It is interesting to remind you that Angola and Mauritius have executed a double taxation agreement (AM DTA) this year in Luanda on May 25, 2022, which will be ratified by the Angolan government. The agreement signifies the growth and strength of the bond between the two countries and Órama Corporate Services is here to promote Mauritius in the Angola Oil and Gas conference event and to offer our support and assistance to businesses in Angola and the rest of Africa, to cushion them and to offer them the right platform to grow sustainably.

Using Mauritius as a springboard to do business in Africa has become a key strategy for the investor community.

 Mauritius has received several accolades such as;

  • Number 1 in Africa on Ease of Doing Business – Making it the Most business-friendly country in Africa.
  • Number 1 in Africa meeting all of Financial Action Task Force FATF Recommendations making it the most compliant country in Africa (ranked 6th in the World)
  • Number 1 in Africa on Human Development Index 2021
  • Number 1 in Africa on Global Innovation Index 2022
  • Best Free Zone in Africa 2022

Mauritius has also signed a wide network of Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements & Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (IPPAs) and forms part of COMESA, SADC, AfCFTA.

According to the Capital Economics Report, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to the tune of USD 80 billion into mainland Africa is mediated by Mauritius creating 4.2 million jobs in the continent.

The report finds that an additional $350bn of private foreign investment into Africa will be required annually by 2030 to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals, mainly in the form of corporate lending, debt securities and institutional investment into African firms.

Mauritius will play a critical role in helping to realise the increase in prosperity, employment opportunities and quality of life needed to meet those goals, particularly as the population of Africa is expected to almost double to 2.5bn by 2050.

Mauritius supports other African countries to access the necessary capital to finance investment by reducing both the risks and costs associated with cross-border dealings.

 As an International Financial Centre of substance, Mauritius also benefits from being a stable democracy with a highly skilled workforce, strong legal, judicial, regulatory and governance frameworks, enabling significant levels of Foreign  Direct Investment  that may otherwise be dissuaded due to concerns around stability, currency controls in developing countries.

The Governmentof Mauritius is committed to continue to nurture cooperation with international institutions, especially with the OECD with a view to position Mauritius as a Development Model in Africa. Highlighting that Mauritius is constantly striving to consolidate the reputation of the jurisdiction as a trusted platform in line with the best international practices and norms for investors

Órama Corporate Services is licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius as a management company to offer a wide range of professional services – starting from corporate advice and structuring, accounting, tax, Corporate trusteeship services, company formation, administration and management of global businesses to international individuals and businesses that are looking to establish a global presence & operate from Mauritius to expand their horizons in other countries (particularly Africa).

 At Órama Corporate Services, our vision is to help you build & grow your business at every stage so that it becomes a success story. We do this by leveraging on the potential of Mauritius as an International Financial Centre and a springboard to spread across Africa.

Mauritius has a robust financial regulatory system, courtesy of the financial service commission and a strong banking sector and infrastructure that has projected Mauritius as an enabling environment conducive for business transactions of any scale.

While Mauritius is the gateway to a successful business operation in Africa, Órama corporate services is the Key to the gate.

We strongly encourage that Angola and Mauritius should continue to forge a strong business relationship for the common interest of Africa.