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Recognising the importance of women in our society

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Recognising the importance of women in our society

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Women play a very critical and important role in this world.  Far from the general conception by many associating women to be just child bearers, women are the centre pillar in our ecosystem, bringing forth life to ensure the continuation of our species and the smooth running and transition of society, organisations, and the economy as a whole. International studies demonstrate that when the economy and political organization of a society change, women take the lead in helping the family adjust to new realities and challenges. Women have also proven to show strong leadership characteristics and great management skills which are often inherent and when harnessed without limitations of society can transform the world.

However, the limitations society places on women haven’t made life easy in this male dominant world. In many societies today, their potentials and capabilities are undermined as they are still considered as mere objects for sexual gratification, a pretty face without brains or ability to equally undertake or manage tasks, a mother who should only stay at home and take care of her children or a wife who should only support her husband with household chores etc. Constantly looking over their shoulders and living in fear, women till today are still told how they should behave, dress, or manage their own businesses.

It is rather still unfortunate how world leaders play a role to advance the primitive ideology that encourages and supports the mistreatment of women in our societies despite the crucifying pain they go through during childbirth to bring a new soul on earth.  Iran’s laws and policies for example discriminate against women’s access to employment including restricting the professions women can enter into and denying equal benefits to women in the workforce. Other developed societies who stay subliminal, silent or neutral to the realities of the crisis of women to the best of my knowledge are in support of the mistreatment. It is empirical that policies are formulated and enforced by policy makers such as those societies where leaders condemn the act through the enforcement of laws made to protect women. Women who attempt to break the glass ceilings even in their reputable line of work constantly have to deal with unpleasant comments and advances.

Men will have leverage in this world because they are physically strong and dominant – but gradually we are beginning to see the rise of women gaining grounds and becoming mentally strong, thanks to the relentless efforts of some organisations and leaders.   

Both men and woman have their places in this world – neither the laws nor culture should determine what should be the role of either gender in the society. A shark can never become a Lion and vice versa – but they are both equally important and powerful in their own skin and territory and play an important role in the ecosystem.

I take advantage of this day to pledge to both men and woman to live in your truth, lead with your intuition and respect each other for who they are.

By keseena