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Why Mauritius Speak French

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Why Mauritius Speak French

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The presence of the French language in Mauritius is a legacy of the island’s colonial history. Here’s a brief history of why Mauritius speaks French: 

French Colonial Rule: 

In 1715, the French took possession of Mauritius, which was then known as Île de France, during the colonial era. The French established control over the island and brought in settlers, including administrators, soldiers, and plantation owners. As a result, the French language became the language of administration, education, and culture during this period. 

Influence on the Creole Language: 

The French language also had a significant impact on the development of Mauritian Creole, a pidgin language that emerged as a means of communication between the French settlers and the enslaved Africans and indentured laborers brought to the island. Mauritian Creole incorporated many French words and phrases, and it remains a widely spoken language in Mauritius today. 

British Colonial Period: 

In 1810, the British seized control of Mauritius from the French during the Napoleonic Wars. While the British became the rulers of the island, French culture and language continued to influence the local population. 

Bilingualism and Education: 

Under British rule, there was a policy of bilingualism, with both French and English being taught in schools. French remained an important language in education and administration, even after the British took over. 

Independence and Language Policy: 

Mauritius gained independence from British rule in 1968, and English became the official language of the newly independent nation. However, French continued to be used in various aspects of Mauritian society, including legal documents, education, and the media. 

Multilingual Society: 

Today, Mauritius is a multilingual society where multiple languages, including French, English, Mauritian Creole, and various Indian languages, are spoken and understood. 

Although English is the official language, French is also taught in schools and is often used in official documents and government functions. It is also a significant component of the country’s cultural heritage. 

The presence of the French language in Mauritius is primarily due to the period of French colonial rule, which had a lasting influence on the island’s culture, education, and language. Even after becoming a British colony and gaining independence, French continued to be an important language in Mauritius, contributing to the linguistic diversity of the nation. 

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